Short Fiction

Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror short stories.  Once a month we feature an established or emerging horror writer. These short supernatural horror stories deal with elements of superstition, folklore or myth. We look for writers that are innovative but can also give a nod to past – classic horror. We feature scary stories with limited gore and limited extreme violence because of the belief that fear, true fear, comes from the unknown.

Time machine forged of ice frozen days gone today boils away strange mists of yet to be combined circuitry and
      Anton Violazzi is the author of the forthcoming Mortenary (2021). He lives in the mountains of the Carolinas.
Director's Cut by R D Doan Monty could almost taste the blood that needed to be spilled. His skin crawled
Fatsy Noodles by Robert Kostanczuk   And so it came to be that Nan and Kix ended up at the
Before the Gingerbread Stales by Matt Athanasiou   The gingerbread man cooled on a wax sheet. Georgia’s thumb skimmed over
Tick Tock Goes the Clock by Lisa Brand Every passing day I notice my eyes drifting to the clock. I
Exorcismos by Christopher E. Ikpoh 15th Century Italy – Convent located 52 miles outside of Rome The nun’s bedroom used
Adrian Kane by Christopher E. Ikpoh   “Shh! Shh! No, no, no! Don't be scared. You can't even hear them!"
A Modern Mary Shelley   By Dawn Vogel   Mary's the sort of girl most people don't really notice. She
The Annals of Draceas: An Entry by Erol Engin     I first came to the village of Draceas on