Short Fiction

Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror short stories.  Once a month we feature an established or emerging horror writer. These short supernatural horror stories deal with elements of superstition, folklore or myth. We look for writers that are innovative but can also give a nod to past – classic horror. We feature scary stories with limited gore and limited extreme violence because of the belief that fear, true fear, comes from the unknown.

The Call of the Ocean by Kev Harrison   I’ve always felt it, this affinity with the sea. In those
Tracks by Brad Parkkonen   Ryan felt a phantom buzzing in his pocket for the fourth time in the last
  In The Back Row by Jim Towns   Three Rivers, Michigan - July 9th, 1984   The afternoon had
Mama   by Victoria Nations   "Mama, I dug behind the coop today, but I didn't find anything." Mama sat
The Collector
Source: Shutterstock by Paul Schlemmer   The Collector by Meg Pelliccio Like a perched bird, he clawed his twisted fingers into
Putting the Trash Where It Belongs by Linda M. Crate   People watching was something he was good at. He
Source: Tree of Life by Christopher E. Ikpoh Along the path, Thomas strolled. His steps were heavy against the
Burial Day Books Call for Submission: Gothic Blue Book VOL 6: A Krampus Carol Source: The Gothic Blue Books were
Source: Wikipedia   Artemis Bound By Paul Lubaczewski   The moon had to have been amazingly bright at that moment.
Source: Search Party By Marc Dickerson   Bruce threw another log on the fire. Abe watched the smoke rise