Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror.  Once a week we research a particular element dealing with superstition, folklore or myth and write a short piece about that element from the Gravedigger’s perspective. These elements were sometimes used somewhere in a previous horror story in history. Or, these elements could have been pulled from particular ideals, or from items that illicit fear. We may also discuss curious traditions that we feel admirers of horror, and beyond, would enjoy learning. Our blogs, while written from a fictional character ‘s perspective, are non-fictional. Overall, our blogs discuss true beliefs, phenomena, practices or customs.


Many cultures believe in life after death. Many funeral rites we have seen here are done so with the belief
All full moons have a name, as they very well should. I learned this one especially cold January as I
Thank you to those that submitted your troubling near death experiences. Below are some of the highlights: Tracy Matthews -
For many, this right here, where I work, where I live, is their final destination. I work quietly, and in
  This morning it felt like a sad day even before the day truly began. Outside the ground was moist
  I made a rare venture outside of Burial Day Cemetery to the grocery store. Being in crowded places, around
The Undertaker told me something silly the other day. It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep so I
  The Dog Days are here. Well, at least they are here in the northern hemisphere where your gravedigger is
I was outside today and a ladybug fell on my shoulder. I was pleased by this seeing as how I
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  It is hot outside, but I’m sure you all know that. Besides the intense heat there have also been