For many, this right here, where I work, where I live, is their final destination. I work quietly, and in the shadows so as not to disturb friends and families as they come to visit their dead. Sometimes I run into our visitors because we are crossing the same path, or perhaps they have come near a headstone where I am working and at that point there is very little I can do to be unseen.

Visitors are common here, at all hours of the day, when the gates are open that is. Once the gates are closed, and night falls, our class of visitor is well, let’s just say different.

Just this afternoon I overheard the conversation of a young woman and a young man who had come to the cemetery to visit a recently deceased friend of theirs. The young couple was clearly in the early stages of mourning. Yet, the man seemed more distraught. The man told the woman how he felt guilty for not having reached out to his friend the night of the accident. He broke down into tears and shared a story with the woman he had not told anyone else. The man claimed to have been visited by the apparition of their living friend shortly before this person died. He initially attributed the apparition to a hallucination.  Later, that very evening, he received a phone call indicating that his friend died in a traffic accident. He had wondered desperately since then if there was something he could have done to have prevented the car accident.

There are many superstitions surrounding death and there are indeed reports of people seeing the apparition of a living person shortly before that person dies. Some people who do believe in death omens believe that there is very little to stop death. After all, the only guarantee in life that we have is that we will die. Therefore, can we really ever cheat death for long?

This all made me wonder. Are there people out there who have cheated death? Have you had a near death experience? Were you saved by a friend? Do you believe luck, or something else, saved you from an appointment with the Grim Reaper?

Because your Gravedigger likes to hear ghastly tales, tell me about your chilling close call with death.

For those of you in the following cities; Chicago, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami, if you share your terrible tale of escape from death, your thrilling near death experience,  with us you will be entered for your chance to win advance screening passes to see FINAL DESTINATION 5!

FINAL DESTINATION 5 is the fifth Final Destination film in the terrifying franchise. Death has once again returned to claim its victims, one-by-one.

Please share your escape from death/near death experience with us by sending an email to Provide your email address and your city for a chance to win advance screening passes to see FINAL DESTINATION 5.

We will post the winning tales of near death on our site.

The more thrilling the tale the better! Be honest and keep it clean folks!

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    • The Whittier Narrows Earthquake of 1987 caused significant damage to Whittier and a few people lost their lives. Glad you made it out alive Steve!

  1. i been three bad car crashes in my life first one when i was ten years old some drank guy hit the car so hard my left arm broken. five years later anothere was drank guy hits the car again we had diffrent car that time. like two years ago another car crash some dumb chick speeding down the street hits my side i didnt get hurt just so mad i told her off

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