Halloween Spooky Ghost Story Contest

Hey Everyone! Halloween is just around the corner now and we want you to share your spooky real life ghost story with us! Just post your real life haunted tale in the comments area below and the scariest story picked by the Gravedigger will get a free copy of our Gothic Blue Book due to…

Where The Fault Lies

By: Greg Mollin

We all have our obligations in life. Sometimes our obligations can lead to distractions and sometimes these distractions can be tragic. In Greg Mollin’s haunting short story “Where the fault lies,” he takes us through the mind and panicked state of a moment gone terribly wrong.


For many, this right here, where I work, where I live, is their final destination. I work quietly, and in the shadows so as not to disturb friends and families as they come to visit their dead. Sometimes I run into our visitors because we are crossing the same path, or perhaps they have come…

Can something horrific be born out of obsession?

Obsession is something we think about often. Fine, obsession is something we obsess about often. As we typically have a lot of time in between funeral services we often wonder about the impact of relationships on people’s lives. Much of what we do each and every day is dictated by a relationship we have with…

Stay out of the woods!

Sometimes our work involves clearing and cleaning burial plots.  We often find candle holders, stuffed animals, cards, and pictures leaning against headstones, and sadly if they are not recovered we have to remove them before we prepare for the winter and the rain season. Considering we are so busy we often have to throw away…

Holding Her Within

By: Deva Shore

In Holding Her Within, Deva Shore brings us into a fairy tale setting with two lovers in the wood for a magical day of joy. Yet, like in many fairy tales sometimes something, or someone, is lost, and sometimes, just sometimes strange events take an even stranger turn when a lonely cabin and its inhabitant are not what they seem.