Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror.  Once a week we research a particular element dealing with superstition, folklore or myth and write a short piece about that element from the Gravedigger’s perspective. These elements were sometimes used somewhere in a previous horror story in history. Or, these elements could have been pulled from particular ideals, or from items that illicit fear. We may also discuss curious traditions that we feel admirers of horror, and beyond, would enjoy learning. Our blogs, while written from a fictional character ‘s perspective, are non-fictional. Overall, our blogs discuss true beliefs, phenomena, practices or customs.


I have been quite ill lately and because I feel the need to blame someone for my illness I will
The Veil: The ancient Romans believed new brides were vulnerable to evil spirits, and so they were veiled on their
Obsession is something we think about often. Fine, obsession is something we obsess about often. As we typically have a
Curious things occur late at night on these cemetery grounds and believe me when I tell you stranger things happen
Winter chill is not something that leaves us quickly around these parts. Spring time is here, but the bite of
Sometimes our work involves clearing and cleaning burial plots.  We often find candle holders, stuffed animals, cards, and pictures leaning
We welcome the first day of March here at Burial Day Books! We will also be posting our newest short
Yes, we know! It’s been long! Too long! We’ve missed you but the crypt has kept us busy, busy, strangely
Today I read an adaptation of the legend of the Erlking. While the adaptation I read today was not entirely
It is the time of love and lust and lovers.  Saint Valentine’s Day is but a few hours away my