Save the Edgar Allan Poe House!

As we entered the month tragic news emerged – according to The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum, as of July 2010 the city of Baltimore cut funding for the Poe house curator position as well as other expenses for the Poe House. The Poe house must become self-sufficient, but given the time frame the situation looks grim.

The Baltimore Poe House is located at 203 Amity Street. Around 1832 or 1833 Maria Clemm, her ailing mother Elizabeth, her daughter Virginia and her nephew Edgar, moved into the little house. Poe was about 23 years-old at the time. He left the house in 1835.

While Poe only lived in the house a short time, it is presumed that he penned some significant works there – MS. Found in a Bottle, Shadow – A Parable, Berenice – A Tale, Morella, as well as several poetical works.

Poe rests only a few miles from this house at the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground and we must say we have visited our dearest Eddie’s grave several times, as well as the Poe House, and are terribly saddened by this news. He is the inspiration for all that we do, and now we must help.

Now, there is clearly much to discuss about Poe, his life and his works and we aim to write at great length about Poe throughout our time here with you. For now, what is most important is sharing the importance of keeping the Poe House open and operating.

Below is the link to the official website for the Poe House where you can read further about the threat.

Here is where we need your help. Below is the link to the petition to save the Poe house. Sign it! Now! Tell your friends. Tell your enemies! Tell everyone to sign this petition!

Save The Poe House!

Edgar Allan Poe is my hero, my mentor, and my inspiration to write horror. He is the master of macabre, and the inventor of the detective story. He perfected the short story, and most importantly because of him horror became a literary art influencing thousands of writers. We owe him to keep his history protected. He is a great American author and he should be forever honored.

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