The Chocolate Shop

By: David Massengill

Many of us have experienced quirky day’s at work where everything just seems to go wrong. Yet, in David Massengill’s The Chocolate Shop a normal day at work becomes disturbingly tragic due to a disgruntled guest.

There is a monster under my bed

The Undertaker told me something silly the other day. It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep so I sat in my room reading. As he passed my door he said “Get to bed or the bogeyman will get you.” “What does that even mean?” I said, but it was too late. He had…

Sirius has risen

  The Dog Days are here. Well, at least they are here in the northern hemisphere where your gravedigger is located. We are now in July and so you may hear people say silly things such as “It is hot,” or the “Dog Days are here.” Well, of course it is hot – we are…

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Don’t draw attention to the lightning

  It is hot outside, but I’m sure you all know that. Besides the intense heat there have also been quite a substantial number of storms around these parts. While I am fond of lightning and thunderstorms the Undertaker gets a bit annoyed when it rains because it delays some aspects of our business. Regardless…

May Poetry Collection

Anndell Quintero was born in Panama City, Panama and grew up in Miami, Florida and later moved to Chicago. Each of these cities serves as the vibrant, pulsing, backdrop of her work which is the product of a leap into an alternative space.

Heather McShane recently finished writing a mixed-genre book called Pretend Wishes. She earned an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she taught creative writing in their Early College Program.

Robert E. Petras’s poetry and short fictions have appeared in over 60 magazines. Most recently he has been published in Tales of Blood and Rose, Yesteryear Fiction, Death Head Grin and Open Magazine.

Ron Koppelberger has published hundreds of poems and short stories. His work has appeared in The Storyteller, Ceremony, Write On!!! (Poetry Magazette), Writing Raw and Necrology Shorts, and many more.

Veronique Medrano was recently published in With Painted Words. Besides being a writer of dark, lovely poetry she is also a singer, and is completing her studies in English.