Chicago Books Expo 2015

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Stop by and visit Burial Day Books at the Chicago Book Expo

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Columbia College
1104 S. Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL
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CBE_logo_2015_OL_HRBuy local and read local at the Chicago Book Expo on Sat. Nov. 21

The fourth annual Chicago Book Expo, the leading literary event devoted solely to Chicago-area writers and publishers, will be held on Saturday, November 21, 11am-5pm at Columbia College, 1104 S. Wabash Ave. in Chicago.  This free celebration of Chicago’s literary community features 19 programs and workshops with local authors, plus almost 100 exhibitors selling books from local presses, writers, and literary organizations.

The Expo floor will feature Pixiehammer Press, which writes personalized love and hate letters, and the Chicago literacy organization Open Books, who will be selling used books and running a book drive, with attendees encouraged to bring in used books to donate, especially children’s books.

This year, the Book Expo will include 19 programs, featuring award-winning novelists Joe Meno and Rebecca Makkai talking about music and fiction, and a conversation between Chicago food icons Doug Sohn (Hot Doug’s: The Book) and Ina Pinkney (Taste Memories: Recipes for Life and Breakfast).

History will be a major component of the Book Expo, with Richard Cahan discussing his latest book, Richard Nickel Dangerous Years, on the Chicago architectural preservationist Richard Nickel. Nike Whitcomb, executive director of the soon-to-open American Writers Museum, and Chicago History Museum’s John Russick, curator of its Chicago Authored exhibit, will discuss the challenges of curating and presenting exhibitions focusing on writers. The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame will explore 100 years of Chicago literary history, with well-known Chicago writers reading short passages from books written by past Hall of Fame inductees. And historical mystery writers D. M. Pirrone, Susanna Calkins, Charles Finch, and Michael Raleigh will discuss their work.

The Poetry Foundation is helping to sponsor the Chicago Book Expo and its poetry exhibitors and programs, including a 40th anniversary celebration and poetry reading from RHINO Poetry; a reading with poets Angela Jackson and Parneshia Jones; a poetry workshop; the launch of the latest issue of Fifth Wednesday magazine with a poetry reading; and a discussion about literary magazines with the editors of The Little Magazine in Contemporary America and Don Share, the editor of Poetry.

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First, I have to say I can’t believe this is our 5th book. When we started Burial Day Books 5 years ago we did it to give people a platform where they could share their traditional horror tales. Now, here we are, 5 years later and we have continued to grow. Each year we see more submissions and each year I get less and less sleep in reading your great stories, fighting with the Undertaker as to which story to publish, and of course formatting and editing the books.

I do admit, it’s gotten harder each year, but each time I step back and look at the finished product I’m so proud; I’m proud of our writers and I’m proud of myself that I can put this together so quickly. As many of you know, we take submissions, read them and publish the edition in less than a year’s time – a pretty fast turnaround for publishing.

We are excited to have a wonderful collection of poetry by Stephanie M. Wytovich, and fantastic fiction by Maria Alexander, Max Booth III, K. Trap Jones, Jennifer A. Smith, Kerry G.S. Lipp, and so many more.

Again, I’d like to thank our authors, and I especially want to thank all those that submitted and our supporters. I’m beyond thrilled that we’re still here after 5 years, and I’m thrilled that you all have continued to reach out to us, say hello, submit your stories, and enjoy our collections.

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Thank you so much.

Cynthia (cina) Pelayo
Burial Day Books


Which Reality Are We?

Melissa Franco has completed a variety of poetry. Her work has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Infernal Ink, Twisted Dreams Magazine, and lastly, Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal. 


Which Reality Are We?

Melissa Franco

Dreams are just dreams
Reality is just reality


Dreams are reality
Reality are Dreams


A reflection of a reflection
A bloodline within a timeline


What is time but minutes, hours, and days
We work the cruel reality and chase our beloved dreams
We power dreams and soon forget these realities


Sanity is insanity within the reality of forgotten dreams
Travelers of reality run into corruption and greed
We walk into dreams only in time to eventually become lost


Soon we forget ourselves in a corrupt society of sin
Soon we forget the dreams we once powered within


So what is a dream, but something that does come from the hidden realities
A family bloodline cascading through the timelines of the forgotten dreams



When Mercy Calls

old phone3

If your phone rings tonight with an unknown number you will have to pick it up, because it may be Mercy Ellis on the other line. You may not like what she tells you, but you have no choice.


Danyelle (aka D.M. Slate) resides in Colorado, where she’s lived for most of her life. She attended college at the University of Northern Colorado completing a business degree, and now works as a financial analyst.  Danyelle is married to her high school sweet-heart and together they have a young daughter and son.

D.M. Slate’s first sci-fi horror novella was released in 2009 and was voted best Sci-Fi Horror story of the year by two independent review groups.  Her first mystery-horror novel was released in 2010, followed by a second paranormal-horror novel in 2012.  A steady stream of dark fiction short stories have been released since 2009.

In 2014 D.M. Slate won the Wicked Woman Writer’s Challenge hosted by with her audio story Photo Finish.  Her film Don’t Play With Your Dinner was an Official Selection in the Colorado Creative Short Film Contest in 2014 at the Mile High Horror Film Festival.  This short movie marks Slate’s debut into film directing and producing.

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White Stripes


Do you ever worry you’ve been driving too long? Those road stripes can become hypnotic. Maybe they’re a sign of something.

Mary Edigo lives in rural New Hampshire where the deer peek in bathroom windows. She works for a direct mail company to pay the bills and her part time gigs include writing stories and pet sitting. She has previously won 2 writing contests in the now defunct local paper, and had an article published for the local community paper. Her real love is horror, so she reads, writes and watches a lot of it. She is currently doing final edits on her first novel, hoping to get it published soon, and in the middle of writing her second.

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