We Trade in Lesser Devils & Other Poems

Mackenzie Wilson is a writer and a poet. Her short story “How Katie Michaels Became One with Her Cat,” was published by Burial Day Books. Following is a collection of her poetry, “We Trade in Lesser Devils and Other Poems.” For more on Wilson’s interest visit: http://x9dread.wordpress.com/

We Trade in Lesser Devils & Other Poems

 By: Mackenzie Wilson

1. We trade in lesser devils
The young, the small, the troubled
But a customer must show his mettle
Lest our asking price be doubled

We keep the creatures snug in jars
Or wrapped up in damp linens
None a shoppe’s as fresh as ours
At least, that’s our opinion

They say a devil brings you wealth
But no two devils are the same
Some can truly ruin your health
But that’s all that we disclaim

A Plural Tongue will suit you well
If the truth would put you in a pickle
We have some things to mask the smell
Can you tolerate some spittle?

A Pilfer-weir is loyal enough
To its stern and stony mistress
But give the Heiglan wolf some love
Or you’ll wind up red as Christmas

So take a darling home to play
Be he cute or mute or vile
Our warranty lasts 30 days
And every sale is final


2. O fiend of fiends, Prince of Vexation,
hear my petty incantation!
I’ve been wronged by a fellow man
and submit this matter to your hands.
Please grant a spiteful remedy
and I’ll pay your tribute with my dignity!


3. The bitter tonic
of thine enemy’s blood
can sustain one for a time
but an opiate condensed
from his tears
will also do just fine.


4. With any crime of vengeance
Neither rush nor be delayed
Your timing’s of the essence
Or the sweetness will degrade

A Cinder Thrill is what you want
For an Enemy who’s a Friend
Since the Thrill’s best talent
Is a chummy, roguish blend

A Thrill can only feed
On a home he’s welcomed to
But then he’ll lick up all the wooden bits
In flames of red and blue

He’ll gobble up the furniture
Every style suits his taste
He’ll gobble the metals and masonry
And reduce it all to paste

So when you’re next invited
To Estates built by your Foe
Would you like to make their House Warming
One that’s unforgettable?

We have some Thrills in stock
All freshly cleaned and smart
They’re priced at two for one
Shall I add them to your cart?