Car in the rain

Risk of Rain

By: Matthew McLachlan

We’ve all had that ‘one’ we loved because they made us better, but what happens when a storm isn’t really a storm and something is taken away?

dark witer


By: Martin Shelby

In Martin Shelby’s short story, “Missy,” the wintery dark months can sometimes bring out darker things. For some, there is protection, at a price. Do read.

Where The Fault Lies

By: Greg Mollin

We all have our obligations in life. Sometimes our obligations can lead to distractions and sometimes these distractions can be tragic. In Greg Mollin’s haunting short story “Where the fault lies,” he takes us through the mind and panicked state of a moment gone terribly wrong.

The Chocolate Shop

By: David Massengill

Many of us have experienced quirky day’s at work where everything just seems to go wrong. Yet, in David Massengill’s The Chocolate Shop a normal day at work becomes disturbingly tragic due to a disgruntled guest.

Red Haired Girl

By: Deborah Reed

We all run into people each day. Their faces remain with us sometimes for a few seconds, and sometimes longer. Yet, sometimes these run ins with strangers mean something more.