Short Fiction

Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror short stories.  Once a month we feature an established or emerging horror writer. These short supernatural horror stories deal with elements of superstition, folklore or myth. We look for writers that are innovative but can also give a nod to past – classic horror. We feature scary stories with limited gore and limited extreme violence because of the belief that fear, true fear, comes from the unknown.

By Megan Fairbrace: Every small town has that house, that suspected haunted house we're told to avoid. Not all of
It is best to know an areas local superstitions before wandering about exploring.
Mathias Jansson's latest poem, The Grave, can be read here.
Cemetery at night
By: Erin Cole Some dark nights of the year, terrible things like to lurk through cemeteries looking for something to
Return Fair, a poem by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
Read Michael Randolph's poem The Home on Hunter's Lane
parking lot
By: Philip Roberts Sometimes we have to do mundane tasks at work before heading home for the night. Sometimes those
farm house
By: Russell C. Connor Beecher is trying to finish his job for the day but finds himself in a strange,
old house
We are pleased to welcome 2013 with a horror poem by Allen Griffin.
By: Marie Robinson Many supernatural legends ensnare their pray with appearing to be illusions. In Celtic folklore, the Kelpie does