Which Reality Are We?

Melissa Franco has completed a variety of poetry. Her work has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Infernal Ink, Twisted Dreams Magazine, and lastly, Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal. 


Which Reality Are We?

Melissa Franco

Dreams are just dreams
Reality is just reality


Dreams are reality
Reality are Dreams


A reflection of a reflection
A bloodline within a timeline


What is time but minutes, hours, and days
We work the cruel reality and chase our beloved dreams
We power dreams and soon forget these realities


Sanity is insanity within the reality of forgotten dreams
Travelers of reality run into corruption and greed
We walk into dreams only in time to eventually become lost


Soon we forget ourselves in a corrupt society of sin
Soon we forget the dreams we once powered within


So what is a dream, but something that does come from the hidden realities
A family bloodline cascading through the timelines of the forgotten dreams