Front Door Superstitions

Front Door


The front door, it’s the primary entrance to your home. The front door allows access to you, your guests, and according to superstition good luck and evil spirits.


There are a variety of superstitions, rituals and curios that are associated with the front door of one’s home. Some of these include hanging a cross over the front door for protection, a horseshoe for good luck, hanging mirrors near the front door to ward away evil spirits and the evil eye, and there are also a variety of statues that can be used for either protection or luck. Some also believe that the front door and the back door should never be open at the same time as this allows for easy access for evil spirits to enter.


Superstitions also surround actually entering through the front door. For example, a new bride should not walk into her own home as she should be carried over the threshold by her husband. This ensures a lucky marriage and a lucky life. Visitors to your home should also never enter with their left foot first, as that drags bad luck inside. A visitor should also leave through the same door from which they entered, because it’s believed that leaving through another door will allow the visitor to take all of the occupants’ good luck from them.


Other things to note about the front door:


  • If a door opens by itself it’s a sign that you will have an unwanted visitor soon.
  • It’s believed that all houses have a spirit, and so a slamming door is bad luck as it’s though to harm this house spirit.
  • A person who slams a door purposefully will experience bad luck for the rest of the day.


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