Dog Superstitions


They are ‘man’s best friend’ and have been thought so for thousands of years, but did you know that there are several superstitions around dogs? Here are some of these superstitions:


Howling near the front door – many dogs bark when they hear the doorbell or a knock at the door, but has your dog ever just approached the door and proceeded to howl for no reason? Howling near a door is considered an ill sign, foretelling a major calamity, possibly even death.


Howling at the moon – it’s not just wolves that howl at the moon. Dogs howl at the moon as well, but you don’t really want them to.  When a dog howls at the moon it means death is near for someone close.


Dog whining during childbirth – most people give birth in hospitals these days, but it’s not strange to labor some time at home. So, if you are in labor at home and your dog starts whining it means your child will become a criminal.


Dogs know whom to trust – if a dog growls and backs away from someone that person is not to be trusted.


Supernatural superpowers – it’s said that dogs can sense ghosts, and they can even sense when someone in the house is in danger.


Ever had a dog follow you home? If so, it’s a sign of good luck.


Finally, seven years bad luck to anyone who has ever deliberately killed a dog. The only exception is a veterinarian who puts dogs to sleep in order to end their suffering.


Be good to your dogs and all of our pets.