Cursed Books

Cursed Books

Have you been working on your to be read list for 2019? Would you be interested in including a book or two that may or may not conjure a demon? Why not? It may be nice to welcome a new visitor into your home this year.

Following are a few books that are purported to conjure a demon, bring you bad luck, or just kill you.

The Orphan’s Story

Lost for 400 years, The Orphan Story tells the story of a 14-year-old Spaniard who leaves his home of Granada and goes to the Americas in search of wealth. The protagonist moves through the Spanish empire including Peru and Puerto Rico during the time of conquest.

The book was written between 1608 and 1615 by Spanish friar Martín de León. It was scheduled to be printed in 1621 under the pen name, Andres de Leon, but it never made it to print, because people who worked on the book for publication kept dying. Because the author was in the process of moving up the ranks that saw him become archbishop, and hold other prominent roles, he never pushed for the book to be published in his lifetime.

So how do we know it’s cursed? The book was never published in the author’s lifetime and eventually it was found in 1965, and people who touched the book then again died. Mysterious deaths of editors and translators include car accidents and mysterious illnesses.

The book will soon be available for purchase. It does highlight the brutalization of the indigenous people of the Americas, but don’t think that de León sympathized with those who were literally dying while mining gold for the Spanish empire. His hesitation was that the workers were being killed at a fast rate and were needed to work in the mines.

One of the darkest chapters of the novel is missing two pages, so who knows what was lost?

Still, does the curse only spread to those who worked on the translations and publication? Or, does the curse extend to readers as well? We’ll soon find out once it’s available.

Source: The Guardian

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

Some corners of the internet claim this book is cursed while others simply shrug it off. The grimoire tells the story of Abraham, an Egyptian mage. The book is said to have influenced famed occultist Aleister Crowley’s (a blog on him later on) and his magical system of Thelema. The book contains several manuscripts with the earliest version written in 1608.

The part of the book which people claim is cursed is likely a part where Abraham says everyone has their own personal demon, and through magic outlined in the book you can conjure and tame that demon.

Another highlight of the book is a magical system of sigils that can bring you wealth, beauty, and other fantastic abilities.

The book also contains instruction for an elaborate ritual that takes 18 months, which when completed correctly will allow you to communicate with your guardian angel a la A Dark Song.

So, why is the book cursed? There’s a lot of writing across the internet that says this book is “cursed” but there’s really little to say why it’s cursed. Some people just tend to associate anything having to do with the occult with being “cursed.” Maybe someone communicated with their personal demon and things got complicated?

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The Codex Gigas

Anything nicknamed “The Devil’s Bible” makes our eyes roll, but this one does have an interesting history. At 36 inches tall and 8.7 inches thick, The Codex Gigas is known for being the largest medieval book in the world. The book weighs 165 pounds and was written on 320 pages of vellum which came from 160 donkeys.

No one knows who wrote it, only that it was a created by a scribe in a Benedictine monastery in present day Czech Republic.

So, why is it cursed? Modern analysis says it would have taken someone at least five years of continuous writing to complete. There’s a legend around this book that it was written in one night by a monk who had broken his vows and was scheduled to be killed the next day. He begged for his life and said he would write a book that would honor the monastery to save his life. The monk prayed to Lucifer to help him complete it, and for his gratitude he drew a full page picture of the devil in the book.

Source: Wikipedia

Bonus: A cursed poem

Tomino’s Hell

Is it just an urban legend? People claim that reading or listening to this poem will make you ill, bring you misfortune, or death. Read and or listen at your own discretion.

Listen here:


Of course there are more cursed books out there and we will tell you more later on.