31 Days of Halloween – Day 18 The Midnight Man



There are some games so terrifying they should not be played. The game of The Midnight Man has made the rounds on the internet as a creepypasta, actual instructions for the game, and I’ve been told there is a low budget horror film out there somewhere with this premise.


If you think the Ouija board is dangerous then you are not aware of the dozens of occult games that some people claim open portals to dark things.


The Midnight Man game is said to welcome into your home the entity of The Midnight Man. The purpose of the game is to welcome him into your home and continue moving so he does not catch you.


DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any harm that may come to you, your family or friends as a results of playing The Midnight Man game.


If you’re brave enough, crazy enough, and want to meet The Midnight Man then follow the instructions below. You have been warned.




1 candle

Lighter or a book of matches

A piece of paper

1 pin

Access to a closed wooden door




Before midnight write your full name on a piece of paper. Prick your finger with a pin and drop a drop of blood onto it.

Turn off every single light in your house – all of them.

Place the paper with your name and blood in front of a closed wooden door. Light the candle and place it on top of the paper.

Shortly before midnight, knock on the wooden door. You will knock a total of 22 times, the last knock must be at midnight.

At midnight, open the door, blow out the candle, and then close the door.

Relight your candle.


The Game

  1. Begin to move about your home with the candle in your hand.
  2. If your candle goes out you have 10 seconds to relight it.
  3. Continue moving through your house and do not stop until 3:33am.
  4. If you are unable at any point to relight your candle within the 10 second limit sit down, surround yourself with salt and do not move until 3:33am.

The End

The game ends at 3:33am. If you are seated within a circle of salt you are free to exit.


Important Notes



Accounts differ as to what happens if he catches you. Some accounts say you will have hallucinations of your worst fears and others claim that he will remove your organs.


How do you know if the Midnight Man is in your home?

The candle goes out

Soft whisper

Unexplained noises

Human figure appears in the darkness


During the game:

Do not turn on any lights until 3:33a

Do not use a flashlight or your cellphone light

Do not fall asleep while playing the game

Do not leave your house during the game

Do not taunt the Midnight Man




Finally, at the end of the game, never assume the Midnight Man has left your house.