The Owl

By: Aaron Shotwell

If you were followed, obsessed over, and haunted each and every day of your life how would you feel? How would you cope? Aaron Shotwell’s “The Owl” is just about that.

Gold Panning


By: Katrina Denman

The land holds memory, of ancient peoples and ancient things, but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot forget history.

winter shack


By: Tim Tobin

Guilt, madness, and loneliness sometimes have a way of reaching down and touching our past. Mr. Tim Tobin tells us exactly how that can happen in Chuckles. Do read and enjoy.

Horror Stories

Gone Black

By: Nick Medina

No one knows how it started and no one knows why exactly a hospital in Southern Illinois was shut down and its patients not allowed to leave. In a desperate attempt to save his nephew, Ben Scofield breaks into the hospital only to be confronted by unsettling blackness.