Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe!


Edgar Allan Poe

We are in Baltimore to celebrate the life of one of the greatest American literary figures in history, our dear and beloved Edgar Allan Poe!

After a fourteen hour drive we have once again returned to this great city and will once again hold vigil at the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground. As many of you know, for over 60 years a mysterious figure has visited the gravesite of our dear Mr. Poe in the early morning hours of Poe’s birthday leaving a tribute of three red roses and a bottle of cognac. To date, no one knows who this person is or why they have continued to pay this tribute. For the past two years, the mysterious Poe Toaster has failed to show only adding more questions to the legacy of Poe.

Tonight, we will be here, at the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground for the third, and possibly the last time. If the Poe Toaster fails to show then Jeff Jerome, the curator of The Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, will officially announce the tribute ended.

Follow me tonight on Twitter, @cinapelayo, for news and updates all night to see if the Poe Toaster shows, or to see if sadly the tribute ends. The vigil will begin at midnight January 19th on Poe’s birthday through to 5am.

We at Burial Day do hope Poe’s Toaster arrives. We will forgive him for missing the past two years. However, if he fails to show all we can say is thank you Mr. Toaster for paying respects to our Dearest Eddie. In life, and even years after his death Poe failed to gain the respect he deserved, and so we are glad that one of the finest writers of American literature has finally received the recognition in our modern age by his adoring fans, current authors, writers and scholars that he deserves.

Please read below to this wonderful article by the Wall Street Journal  for more about the Poe Toaster!

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